Sunday, May 4, 2014

RIP Dear Lucky

Monday, April 7th, we lost a dear part of our family.  Rest in peace Lucky, you will always be remembered, loved, and missed.  I know my parents are heart broken.

We babysat little Lucky in November, 2004
One of my favorite pics of baby Lucky
He tried so hard to stay awake so he wouldn't miss any fun (one eye closed)
He learned from our big kids (Keystone in front, Amber in back)
He was the cutest little puppy

About a month later, we got to see Lucky again in Oklahoma to celebrate Christmas.  He had grown just a little and remembered all that we taught him.

Lucky really liked Abbytail

Lucky learned all about opening toys

The whole furry gang, December 2004
Several years later...

Amber (left), Lucky and Abbytail (center), Keystone (right)

He might have been slightly spoiled with his own pool.  My dad had been known to put a table with umbrella in the pool so that he can get out of the sun without getting out of the pool.  And why not?  He was the one who used the pool the most!

He enjoyed swimming

He loved chasing a ball (especially a soccer ball)
March, 2014

Jessie had a crush on Lucky

So glad Lucky had lots of fun playing Frisbee
He loved running
Front to back: Joey, Bud, Lucky, Keystone, Jessie

Our angels


Mrs. Irritation said...

RIP sweet boy, Lucky.

Toddy said...

I forgot how cute he was as a pup!