Friday, February 24, 2012

Mice, Start Your Engines, And It's Here!!!

There are several things on my mental list of things to do since being back in the KC area. Last weekend was one of those events.

I should explain that we used to live on the best block. There were several houses of friends who got together socially fairly often. Honestly, it was a little more often than I could handle at times, but we just chose to participate when we could (i.e. not on Friday nights when I needed down time to recover from the week). I still don't know how they didn't go around naked from lack of clean clothes to wear (when did they ever find time to do laundry?). 

Anyway, there are so many people on that street we will stay in contact with... simply forever. There was always someone you could borrow an egg or a cup of sugar (or a fifth of Jack Daniels). When the weather was cruel and limbs were scattered around our yards like jenga sticks, we all went from yard to yard to yard and cleaned up together. It made life easier to deal with the crap mother nature throws at you. Oh yea, or like when it's an unexpected monsoon and you realize the basement sump pump can't keep up and the water is coming in the basement and you're seriously screwed, our friends came over in a pinch and helped (did I mention we just met them?). There is no other hood like it anywhere. Two of our closest friends were right next door (the two who helped during one of our many floods). So glad to be able to see them now.

One event we always used to attend was the yearly MOUSE RACES. Yes, you read that right. Mouse *races*. It is the most unique fund raiser. They sell entry tickets and you get all the beer you can drink. (Oh, did I mention that the folks we know in the old hood were pretty much the drinkers on the street.)  Think of dog races. Only with mice. And instead of a little bunny they try to catch, a hair dryer is used. I know, I know, it sounds mean, but they don't look scared. Just trust me on that so you are not all distraught and lose sleep over it. They are very happy looking mice.  See?

So they have 6 mice that run on their own track, and if your mouse wins, you split the winnings with the others who bet on the same mouse.  Here is a video of an actual Mouse Race:

The mouse winners from each race gets special participation. They get to be the "ball" in mouse-roulette. No, they don't spin the mouse around. That would be mean. They plop the mouse in the middle of a stationary wheel with pins around the edge, and if you chose the number between the pins the mouse crosses, you win big money! I was so hoping Suzie was going to win. She tried *really* hard. At least she won a door prize, and I heard her name. I was so excited they called her name!  The environment was extremely loud, so hearing the person next to you was difficult. 

A pic of Mouse Roulette:

After the races ended, they had a dance. I should have brought some Kinky to drink, but I forgot and the beer wasn't real tasty so I had not had enough to drink in order to dance. Inebriation is required for me to dance, cause frankly, it's not real pretty. Grace and coordination = not my best friends.

So, the long winter is OVER and it's Daytona time, Baby! And MY BOY is on the pole! Of course I'm taking about NASCAR.  What did you think--pole dancing?  Perv.  I was not ready for the race season to be over last November so it was a long dark season for me. My boy, Carl, has some winning to do.  Get ready to Start Your Engines!!!


It's here, it's here!  I got my Crappy Day Package today! I am so excited to have these beautiful packages of joy waiting for whenever I need something to improve my day. Aren't they positively wild?!?? I love the paper.

The lovely person who sent me my CDP is SuperJules.  I can't wait to read all about her!  I haven't had a bad day yet, so I'm saving them.  Cause I have a feeling, they are going to be needed.  Thanks, Doing My Best for coordinating!


Check back later this weekend for pics of my furry kids--their 9th birthday is SATURDAY!  I will be baking a cake soon.


Anonymous said...


If you need me, I'll be in the corner weeping b/c our babies are NINE!!!

Your CDP packages are sooo pretty!

Daytona, baby! It's about damn time.

This is going to be a great weekend, isn't it?

Miss you!!

Doing My Best said...

Those DO look awesome =)!! And you're welcome!